P3DB version 3.5 hosts protein phosphorylation data for 9 species from 32 experimental studies, containing 16,477 phosphoproteins, harboring 47,923 phosphosites.

Arabidopsis thaliana4,96915,465
Brassica napus325818
Glycine max1,4512,739
Medicago truncatula4,17915,538
Nicotiana tabacum1010
Oryza sativa4,82912,317
Solanum tuberosum2133
Vitis vinifera607862
Zea mays86115
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  • Jianjiong Gao, Ganesh Kumar Agrawal, Jay J. Thelen and Dong Xu. P3DB: a plant protein phosphorylation database. Nucleic Acids Res 2009. 37(Database issue):D960-2.   PubMed   NAR


This project is supported by National Science Foundation (award ID: DBI-0604439).


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