Plant Protein Phosphorylation DataBase
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Yao Q, Ge H, Wu S, Zhang N, Chen W, Xu C, Gao J, Thelen JJ, Xu D. (2013) P3DB 3.0: From plant phosphorylation sites to protein networks. Nucleic Acids Res 2013. 42(Database issue):D1206-D1213.   PubMed   NAR P3DB 3.0

Yao Q, Bollinger C, Gao J, Xu D and Thelen JJ (2012) P3DB: an integrated database for plant protein phosphorylation. Front. Plant Sci. 3:206.   PubMed   Frontier P3DB 2.0

Gao JJ, Agrawal GK, Thelen JJ and Xu D. (2009) P3DB: a plant protein phosphorylation database. Nucleic Acids Res 2009. 37(Database issue):D960-2.   PubMed   NAR P3DB 1.0

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